Last update: April 22, 2024.

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How to Get Around by Bus in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Holiday: There's No Bus Service Between Villages!

Due to the challenging terrain and roads, there are no buses running between the villages, as it wouldn't be practical with the availability of fast trains! You can find more detailed information about trains on the "How to Get Around by Train" page.

Bus that goes from Corniglia station to Corniglia, Cinque Terre
Bus that goes from Corniglia station to Corniglia

Each village in Cinque Terre has its own bus route that will take you to nearby hamlets or attractions. It's primarily used by locals and rarely attracts tourists (except for Corniglia). After all, it's much more enjoyable to explore these places on foot. The bus costs 1.50 euros (if purchased at the station) or 2.50 (if bought from the driver). The bus fare is included in the Cinque Terre Card ticket.

Below are details about each of the routes, all of which are marked on the map.
Riomaggiore: to the Riomaggiore Castle, located at the top of the hill (10 minutes on foot).

Manarola: to the parking lot, the wine village of Groppo, and the village of Volastra, from where tourists like to start their hike to Corniglia along a long trail. It's easier to begin this trail from Volastra, as the ascent from Manarola can be very strenuous (1200 steps!).

Corniglia: the bus runs every 10 minutes, taking tourists from the station to the village. For the return journey, we recommend walking up the 385-step staircase, which will take about 20 minutes.

Vernazza: to the parking lot and the nearest village of San Bernardino, from where tourists like to walk back to Vernazza or to the Church of the Black Madonna (Reggio), from where you can hike to Monterosso along a long trail.

Monterosso al Mare: picks up tourists from the hotels near the village, and sometimes (only a few times a day), the bus goes to the oldest church in Cinque Terre, Saviore (stop at Colle di Gritta - Soviore).


Buses operate daily from approximately 8 am to 7 pm.

The bus schedule is reviewed twice a year, so open this file a couple of weeks before your trip:
Bus Schedule for 2024 (from 7 April 2023 to 2 October 2023).

The bus in Corniglia operates continuously in a loop until it transports all passengers, so you don't need to check the bus schedule in Corniglia.


The map shows bus routes and parking areas.

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